Garden of Original Greens

God’s Original Master Keys of Health & Nutrition Were Planted In the Original Garden of Eden

"I believe God wants us to experience abundant life, which includes living active, mobile lives without pain - operating in a body that was beautifully designed to serve God and others on the earth. Our bodies were made in the image of God, and He gave us everything we need - in the gardens of the earth - to live healthy. Just like Adam & Eve in the Original Garden of Eden, it is through our choices each day that we decide whether we will eat God's way and be healthy. There is no substitute for eating a wide variety of nutritious plants, fruits, nuts and seeds that are teeming with nutrients, yet we are faced with the reality that most of our food supply is devoid of all the nutrients we need. That is why Garden of Original Greens exists - to encourage you to eat healthy, supplement with nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body is craving, and walk in the abundant life God designed for you."

Joseph Barton
Founder of Garden of Original Greens


Here are Garden of Original Greens we are committed to delivering all-natural healthy supplements to our customers every single day. Visit our store to see all the products we have to offer.



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Advanced Peripheral Nervous System Support formula. Helps maintain nerve health... [more]


Powerful anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant formula. Helps cardiovascular, joint & brain function... [more]


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